We’ll never know what this is, till we take a look inside,

I’m sure we’ll find, what came before it dies.

He remembered only figments. Hints of a previous life he must have had. That was the only plausible explanation.

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He didn’t know what to write. He would’ve thought writing his suicide note would be easy-but it wasn’t. It wasn’t possible that you could justify killing yourself in just half a page.

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The Re-Return Of Morgan Freeman: The Quest Continues

There was a deathly calm to the night. There was no wind and you could hear the city slowly coming to life in the wee hours of the morning. The grey sky, with a tiny streak of dull orange piercing it, indicated to him that it was time to go. He had to be quiet. His reputation hinged on his ability to be quiet and discreet. From a young age he had learnt the virtue of discretion and valued it. Now he would need all his experience, all his skills to sneak past the girl he had just slept with.

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Till Death Or Other Weird Reasons Do Us Part

Attending a marriage is a great way to find inspiration for writing blog posts because you never know what might happen. Ashish Shakya explains.

Ashish Shakya

The Great Indian Wedding Season is drawing to a close, which is sad because I look at weddings the same way I look at getting tasered – it’s great fun if it’s happening to someone else. The best one I attended was basically a beach-and-beer party where there just happened to be a ceremony. However, recent news events have made me realise that you can do all the cool stuff you want at your wedding, but if it’s going to go through without anyone getting ditched at the altar, then don’t even bother inviting me.

The gold standard for excitement was set by a bride in U.P this week, when she canceled her wedding at the last moment after realising that the groom had hidden his complete and utter lack of education from her. She did this by pretending to be a human Captcha. No, seriously. She asked the groom…

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