You Coulda?

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True Detective Season 2: The Good, The Bad and The (Mostly) Ugly


I was SUPER pumped up for True Detective Season 2. Season 1 was some of the best TV I had seen in a long time since The Wire. And I know that’s a very lofty comparison but some of the lines that Rusty says were deep yet pretty epic in a non pretentious way (cue “Time is like a  . . .”). So Season 2 had a lot to live up too. And I was afraid too. Maybe not afraid but I definitely had some trepidation about it. So much of what was right about Season 1 was gone by Season 2- Cary Joji Fukunaga, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson (and Alexandra D’addario).
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The One Where I Attend a Wedding

Let me make it clear that there is nothing called “The Big Fat Indian Wedding.” That’s a lie sold by somebody. There’s “The Big Over-By-Afternoon Marathi Wedding,” “The Big Gold South Indian Wedding” and of course, “The BIG BIG Fat Punjabi Wedding.” I was (un)fortunate enough to attend the latter one yesterday.

My parents had told me about the wedding weeks in advance. One of my far off cousins was getting married. My parents had also told me that since they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make it to the wedding, and since I was an adult now (hahahahahahahahaha nice one mom) I would have to attend the wedding and represent the family.

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