This Post Is So Meta That It Acknowledges Its Own Existence

“Three people of different nationalities walk into a bar. Two of them say something smart, and the third one makes a mockery of his fellow countrymen by acting stupid.”

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Something Something Life Is Like A Flat Circle Something

A lot of people have told me that I have an unhealthy obsession with the TV series True Detective. And I don’t disagree with them. There are very few TV series that I really enjoy and have watched from start to finish- The Wire, Game Of Thrones, Fargo and Archer. To be honest, I don’t even think Breaking Bad and House of Cards  are deserving of the praise they get. Which is not to say that they are bad, but that they capitalize on their plot twists to elicit “OH MY GOD HOW/WHY DID THAT HAPPEN HOLY BABY JESUS” responses that mask some of their shortcomings. But I don’t plan to upset any fanboys here as this post will focus more on what True Detective gets right.

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On Your Marks, Get Set, Pizza!

If you haven’t read Ashish Shakya’s blog, go check it out.

Ashish Shakya

If you’re reading this in the morning, then congratulations on being one of the four people not running the Mumbai Marathon today. Seriously, the last time I saw thousands of Mumbaikars run in one direction, it was for a local train seat.

But what I like about the marathon is that every year, it gives so many people a chance to wake up and seize the day by vowing to run next year pakka I swear boss this year was full hectic with job and baby and winning Nobel prize and licking schezwan off my chin and all.

The Mumbai Marathon has grown spectacularly since its inception in 2004, mostly because new generations of women kept discovering Milind Soman and his short shorts. The fandom is completely understandable. For starters, Soman is a friggin’ Greek god whose idea of light cardio is jogging from Mumbai to Pune. And the heartless…

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