You Coulda?

Hey babies, long time!

(A couple of things about that intro:

  1. Nobody really cares that I am back/I was gone because nobody reads this.
  2. Yeah I am gonna call every body a baby now because I have been listening to Chris D’Elia’s podcast “Congratulations”)

Now that that’s out of the way, I missed writing. So what have I been up to? I got a job at the FBI, so unfortunately I can’t tell you anything else.

Just kidding, I am an Indian, I became an engineer. We are wired to be engineers. And when I say “wired,” I am not saying that in a racist/racial way but just that the circumstances in India are such that you have to “engineer” stuff around you to live day to day life. And also because the Vedas said that we are the strongest species ever, and Nostradamus predicted Narenda Modi’s rise to power.

I saw Wind River recently. I really liked it. I really, really liked it. One of the reasons is that it’s been critically well received, but it hasn’t gotten a lot of press/attention in the manner that most Oscar-bait/Oscar-bate movies seem to do. And the other, probably not as important, reason is that it’s a really good fucking movie (not a good movie about fucking, but a really good fucking movie).

It’s got a well crafted story; expertly told, tightly scripted, and never too complex/elaborate/cute for itself. The payoff at the end is not disappointing at all, but is instead one of the best parts of the movie, and that is something you can rarely say about any movie nowadays. The acting is pretty well done, and I don’t have much too complain about.

(Side Note: I think I don’t really care about acting. I don’t appreciate it as much as I should, probably because I don’t realize how hard it is. I don’t know enough about acting to appreciate how tough it is to be a good actor. I feel that the person who has the most impact in a movie is the director, and not any of the actors. I may be wrong, because what the fuck do I know, but that’s my opinion. See also: assholes.)

I like movies which take advantage of their setting, and Wyoming is an important part of the movie. It involves a lot of “Indian” (Native American) people and plot lines, but for the most part the movie’s depiction of Native American people/culture is unbiased/fairly well done. But then I am not “Indian” (just Indian) so I could be wrong. It’s a tense movie that has some beautiful scenes and some hauntingly beautiful ones, emphasis on haunting. The whole movie revolves around one crucial scene, where the bystanders have two options:

  1. They can stand by and not do anything, and that would be the correct/right choice. So while being passive (which is everybody’s preferred mode of action ironically), they could do the right thing, which seems like an easy choice.
  2. Or they could actively choose to be wrong and side with a person who is clearly doing a wrong thing. Or in simplistic terms, “be evil.”

I know I boiled down the movie to fairly black and white tones (good/fair, bad/evil) but I think the movie is pretty bitonal in its portrayal of characters, and doesn’t leave a lot of room for shades of grey (unlike that recent movie which had enough room for 50 shades). Overall, I liked the movie a lot but would not watch it again because it is s’sad.

Now that my inner Taran Adarsh has been satisfied, I can talk/write/emote/express about other things. I end a lot of paragraphs with “disclaimers” like “what the fuck do I know” or “but then I don’t know anything about [X].” I don’t do this because I don’t stand by my opinions, I do this because I acknowledge and accept that my views could be wrong. I try and present my views in such a way so that people can understand my reasoning for them, and because if somebody else was telling me their opinion on something, I would like to hear it in a similar manner. Like you could be a flat earther, but as long as you accept that its your personal opinion, and it may be wrong, and that you are an ignorant, uneducated, superstitious piece of shit, I have no problem with it.

I have been listening to podcasts lately. Some of them are Congratulations by Chris D’Elia, Case Files and Planet Money. I listen to the first one because Chris D’Elia is extremely funny and I identify with his sense of humour, and because I wanna? I listen to Case Files because murder mystery (I like murder mysteries). And Planet Money because I like to pretend that I know how money works.

That’s all my babies, I think I have ranted enough for a day. I’d like to make this weekly. Why? Because I wanna. You don’t like it? Don’t read my blog.

Wait, come back I was kidding, jk lol lmao. My roommate stole my phone and he wrote that.

Hey this is Chris’ mom he just got run over by a car and he’s in the hospital and he wanted me to tell you that he loves you and will you go out on a date with him?

Chris is Keyser Soze.



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