When I Thought I Stopped Dreaming (But I Didn’t)

Last week I wrote a post detailing my troubles sleeping. It seemed that my simple yet (then) effective idea of changing my pillows’ positions had (apparently) alleviated my sleep problems.

It didn’t.

I slept ok for a few days. And then yesterday I had another weird dream, that I can’t remember. I hadn’t been sleeping well but at least I hadn’t been having those same weird dreams again.

But last night was just horrible. The first dream I had was a sign of things to come. A wild animal, this time a bear was trying to rip me apart. I don’t understand this. I’m tired of being ripped apart by animals in my dreams. Last week it was a tiger, and now a bear. What the fuck have I done to wild animals. I like bears. They’re pretty awesome- huge and cuddly looking but they could swipe your head off if they wanted to. I love you bears. Y u no luv me bak ? 😦

And then I had a normal but weird dream that I was trapped in my college with a rather eclectic collection of friends because it had snowed a lot. This wasn’t that disconcerting but it was weird nonetheless. I remember running around all over the place trying to keep my friends together.

And the last one was the weirdest.

I am completely stoned and sitting on a train station with a blanket around me. A train comes and I try to get on it but I am too stoned to function properly. I then sit there for some more time. It’s very cold and foggy. At first the station is deserted but later on it gets crowded. Eventually, the train station becomes a bus station and I see buses coming and going frequently. For some reason I think I am in Mumbai (it certainly looked like that) and I seem to recognize where I am. I decide to walk. I reach a crowded market area where I see one of my college professors. I talk to him and try to call somebody from his phone but he rebuffs me and walks away in a hurry. I ask a shopkeeper for some directions where he informs me that I am in Delhi and not Mumbai.

I then walk some more and I realize I am walking with somebody that I seem to know. We are walking on a deserted street when a guy randomly comes out from somewhere and says that he thinks I am cute. And then he proceeds to violently make out with the guy that I am walking with. I stand there waiting for them to finish their thing but they keep slobbering over each other so I move on.

This whole time, the basic atmosphere remains the same but the details keep changing. I definitely think when the dream started out I was in Mumbai but now I definitely was in Delhi. So I take out my phone and try to use GPS to make sense of where I am. The Google Maps application has morphed into a weird oriental looking app which instead of showing me where I was showed me my nearest friend’s house. It keeps showing me the path and distance I have traveled. It also showed me that one of my good friend’s house was nearby. I tried calling him but then somebody was knocking on my door and I woke up.

That was a weird dream. That was a pretty weird fucking dream. I’m perturbed by this turn of events and want my sleep back.

Could this be due to the fact that I have been pretty jobless nowadays? College is almost over and I don’t have much to do. I sleep well when I am tired and have had a long, exhausting day. Maybe I should become busier.

All this has left me in a weird state of mind. I have always been a happy person but nowadays I have felt more and more uneasy. It’s probably just a phase and maybe the only thing I can do is stick it out. My hipster roommate said he’d buy me a dreamcatcher. I hope that helps. Maybe I should try lucid dreaming ?


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