Roasts are Here to Stay (or Not)

I have seen many roasts, and I like most of them. I was cautiously optimistic about “AIB Knockout of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor” but All India Bakchod killed the show. This was easily one of the funniest roasts I have ever seen.

The gay jokes were pretty innovative and funny. The racist jokes, not so much. Which I found surprising because India is an inherently racist country. Come on, we have skin lightening creams.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I have newfound respect for Karan Johar after this. The way he took those jokes and replied in kind was awesome. The man is genuinely funny.

I personally liked Abish Matthew’s and Gursimran Khamba’s sets the most.

It was amazing how everybody took it so sportingly. I did not think Bollywood actors had a sense of humour. Kudos to them. And I love Aditi Mittal.

Update: The videos have since been removed due to pressure from various cunty groups. It is sad that we cannot take a joke. To be honest, the jokes weren’t even offensive to any group. They did the best they could to make it funny without being overtly shocking yet still people could’t handle it.



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